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Amtico Floor Cleaning Service in Hinckley

Rated one of the best Amtico Floor Cleaning Companies in Hinckely. 

Amtico flooring is perfect for those who are looking to have a tough, durable surface that will last long and is cost effective. 

To keep its good looks intact though it needs some maintenance from time-to-time.

A professional company like BC Cleaning Services can restore your flooring and also give it a ‘polish’ bringing back that showroom shine!

Amtico Floor Cleaning Services Hinckley
Amtico Floor Cleaning Services Hinckley

Local Amtico Cleaning companies in Hinckley

Amtico remains a popular choice for home and business installations, due to it’s attractive finish and of course it’s cost effective and durable. 

Though it can be tough to maintain at times, proper care should be taken regularly and using a company like BC Cleaning Services will ensure your floor looks great again!

When you’ve chosen our Amtico floor cleaning service, we will always turn up and work quickly and efficiently to get the job done right. 

We never cut corners to compromise quality so your space will always be as clean or even cleaner than before we arrived!

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Amtico Floor Cleaning expert
Amtico Floor experts

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Frequently asked questions by our past customers in Hinckley.

Yes absolutely, over time dirt and bacteria will build up on your floor surfaces so it’s really important that a Proffessional deep clean is achieved to remove such issues.  Using a company such as BC Cleaning Services will give you the best results.

Yes, to get the best possible finish including all those hard to reach areas we advise you to remove as much furniture as possible including kick plates in the kitchen.

Yes, using our dedicated cleaning solutions we can clean and once dry polish your flooring making it like nearly new condition.

A thorough vacuum of the area is completed first before we start applying the Cleaning solution.  A mechanical agitation machine is then used to loosen the dirt before finally rinsing the area using fresh water.  If needed this process will be completed twice.

Our minimum charge regardless of size starts from just  £90.00.

Once we speak with you and see the areas that needs attention we will be able to give a more accurate answer.

Yes, we regularly attend training courses for all the services we offer.  If you wish to see our accreditations please ask.  

Yes, we have public liability and treatment risk insurance which can be shown upon request.

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Professional Amtico Floor Cleaners
Amtico Floor Cleaning professionals

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our Amtico Cleaning services and we are so confident we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We know how important it is for your home to be clean, and we want you to feel confident about our process from start-to finish!

98% of our customers recommend us time and again and we are consistently rated 5-stars!   

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