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Slate Tile Cleaning Companies in Hinckley

Slate Tile Cleaning and Sealing Hinckley  Let BC Cleaning Services help you keep your beautiful slate floor tiles in the best condition. 

Whether they are old and worn or just too dirty to look at, a professional company like BC Cleaning Services can restore them to the highest of standards so that the expense of buying new isn’t necessary!

Let our experts restore your slate to its former beauty!

We will make sure that you’re satisfied with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and at a competitive price.

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Slate Floor Cleaning & Sealing Hinckley
Slate Floor Cleaning & Sealing Hinckley
Slate Floor Cleaning & Sealing Hinckley

Slate Floor Tile Cleaning & Sealing Companies in Hinckley

We can restore your slate floor tiles to their original beauty with a professional slate floor cleaning and sealing service.

When the original floor tiles look dirty or have lost their sheen, we can clean and seal them to the highest standards.

BC Cleaning Services offers a full cleaning, restoration, and sealing service that removes dirt and old sealers. Once dry, we can apply an impregnator, a colour-enhancing impregnator, or a natural or gloss sealer.  The choice is yours!

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Slate Floor Cleaning & Sealing experts Hinckley
Slate Floor Cleaning & Sealing professionals Hinckley
Pro Slate Floor Cleaning & Sealing Hinckley

Other Cleaning Services we offer in Hinckley

Although our slate floor cleaning and sealing service is one of our most popular services, we also offer other cleaning services in Hinckley.

Let’s take a look at what our customers in Hinckley have to say about us!

Frequently asked questions by our past customers in Hinckley.

It is recommended to hire a professional company like BC Cleaning Services every 12 months to provide that deep clean that will be beneficial to remove any dirt and bacteria buildup.

On a weekly and monthly basis, your floor should be maintained for hygiene purposes by yourself. We can advise you on this process when we meet you.

Yes, we not only clean the surface but also clean the grout lines using a specific and dedicated grout cleaning solution.  

We can also further protect the tile and grout by applying a high-quality sealer or impregnator.

A thorough vacuum of the area is completed first before we’mask’ up any areas that may come into contact with our cleaning solutions.  

Once this is done, a cleaning solution is applied, agitated using a mechanical machine, and rinsed using fresh water.  If needed, this process will be completed twice. 

We need to visit each job so we can accurately measure the area.  

However, our minimum charge regardless of size starts from just  £90.00.

Yes, we regularly attend training courses for all the services we offer.  If you wish to see our accreditations, please ask.

Yes, we have public liability and treatment risk insurance.

We accept cash, bank transfer, debit, or credit card.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our Cleaning services and we are so confident we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Your satisfaction is our number-one priority. We know how important it is for a home to be clean, and we want you to feel confident about our process from start to finish!

98% of our customers recommend us time and time again and consistently rate us with 5-star feedback.

Call us today for free, expert-friendly advice. 

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