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How Much Does It Cost to Clean Tile and Grout ?


Several factors affect the cost of cleaning tile and grout. Apart from the location of your home or property, the following factors will determine how much your professional cleaning service company will charge to clean them:

The size of the area


The size of the tiled area that needs cleaning will affect the cost. A bathroom has more walls and floor tiles, meaning you can have more grout cleaning required, raising the price. On the other hand, kitchen floor tile cleaning is likely to involve fewer tiles, meaning fewer grout lines and costs.

The intensity of cleaning needed


Based on the condition of your tiles and grout, cleaners will use different methods and tools. Stains and moulds that require more effort to clean will cost more. Additionally, the time needed between cleaning schedules might affect the price. 

Types of cleaning


There are different tile and grout cleaning methods, including hand cleaning, spot cleaning, steam cleaning, and rinse extraction, commonly used by trained operators in this industry. Each of these methods can be used, depending on how delicate or fragile the surface is.

Hand cleaning is the primary way most people clean tiles but also the most time-consuming. It’s only ideal for small, hard-to-reach areas where pressure and steam cleaning equipment can’t be accessed.

On delicate tiles that might otherwise suffer damage from steam heat, BC Cleaning Services employs a safe method.

Aside from hand cleaning, spot cleaning can also be used for cleaning small areas. This method is preferable when the cleaning required takes less time and effort. The technique can also be used on surfaces that are heavily soiled. Spot cleaning usually involves the use of steam and pressure cleaning products and tools.

Additionally, the tile and grout cleaning professional will provide a deep clean for your floor. A process that the average customer will not be able to achieve due to a lack of knowledge and machinery.

Professional companies use a variety of methods to achieve the best results, and they will determine the best process at the quotation stage.

Is It Worth Getting My Kitchen Tiles Cleaned?


A tile cleaning job has never been fun, especially when you are not getting paid to do it.

Getting down on your knees and hands and scrubbing at tiles for hours is a tedious task. In fact, the tiles often stay stained and dull because you don’t want to clean them thoroughly.

The fact is that cleaning tile and grout is essential for a couple of reasons. Sure, regular vacuuming is not a big deal for many, but it is crucial to remove the grout between the tiles. Grout in between tiles can hold dirt, bacteria, and grime.

If left to settle for a long time, you may start to notice mildew and mould growing in between tiles, especially in areas where moisture resides. Not only will this facilitate the growth of bacteria and moulds, but it will also make your tiles look dull and ugly.

So, why should you opt for professionals to do kitchen floor tile cleaning tasks for you?

hardfloor cleaning hinckley

best harfloor cleaning

To save on time

When you leave a professional to do the hard floor cleaning task for you, you save time to spend with your family, enjoy a hobby, or do something productive. There are tons of things you can do with the time you could have spent cleaning your kitchen or bathroom tiles.

Save money

This might sound conflicting, but the fact is that you have spent a lot of money buying cleaners for your tiles, only to end up with unsatisfactory results.
With professional tile cleaners such as BC Cleaning Services, you will be assured of excellent results because experts know the right products to use on your tile.
Don’t waste money on buying tile cleaning products; hire hard floor cleaning experts.

Safety from chemicals

You may find an effective over-the-counter chemical for cleaning the stains and stubborn dirt on your tiles, but do you have the proper attire to handle them?
Professionals know how to protect themselves when using these chemicals. Don’t put your health at risk by trying to use highly toxic chemicals without adhering to safety standards.

There are many reasons professional tile cleaning is worth the cost, and here we have just highlighted a few. When you consider the money you will pay for cleaning products and the time it would take you to clean your tiles and grout, the cost of hiring professionals like BC Cleaning Services makes perfect sense.

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hardfloor cleaning hinckley

best harfloor cleaning

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