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Marble Tile Cleaning companies in Hinckley

Welcome to BC Cleaning Services, your trusted local Hinckley marble cleaning and polishing company. We are here to ensure your beautiful marble floor tiles stay in prime condition.


Whether the passage of time has left your marble tiles looking tired and worn or become a canvas for stubborn dirt and grime, BC Cleaning Services is your solution to bring them back to life. Why consider the costly prospect of replacing your marble when our expert team can restore it to impeccable standards?

Allow us to take you through the meticulous process of how we clean, restore, protect, and seal your cherished marble floor tiles:

  1. Surface Assessment: We kick off by thoroughly assessing the condition of your marble floors.

  1. Furniture Protection: Your furniture is precious, and we take steps to protect it when necessary.

  1. Specialised Cleaning Solution: We apply a dedicated cleaning solution with the utmost care tailored to the unique needs of your marble.

  1. Agitation: To ensure a thorough and even cleaning, we utilise cutting-edge mechanical machines to agitate the marble surface

  1. Precision Rinsing: A high-performance commercial machine effectively removes all traces of dirt and grime.

  1. Repeat for Perfection: We repeat the process to achieve perfection for those stubborn stains.

  1. Dazzling Finish: Once your marble floors are fully dry, you can take their shine to the next level with our polishing service.

Let the owner, Chris Miles, transform your marble into the radiant masterpiece it once was! In addition, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Please don’t wait any longer; call us today and let us revive your marble floors.



Marble Cleaning & Polishing Hinckley
Marble Cleaning & Polishing Hinckley
Marble Cleaning & Polishing Hinckley

Marble Floor Tile Cleaning companies in Hinckley

Are your exquisite marble floor tiles showing signs of age, concealing their natural beauty beneath layers of dirt and diminished lustre?


BC Cleaning Services invites you to embark on a transformative journey where your marble floors are restored to their original magnificence through our premium marble floor cleaning and polishing service.

Your marble floors deserve to gleam with the splendour they once possessed. BC Cleaning Services specialises in rejuvenating your flooring to the highest standards, sparing you the expense of replacements.

Experience the BC Cleaning Services difference with our comprehensive cleaning and restoration process, designed to unveil the true allure of your marble floors:

  1. Original Beauty Rediscovered: We understand that marble can lose its sheen over time. Our dedicated service aims to cleanse, rejuvenate, and revive your marble floors to their pristine glory.

  1. Breathe Life into Your Flooring: Our meticulous cleaning and restoration service involves stripping away old sealers, eliminating embedded dirt and bacteria, and then, upon thorough drying, polishing your floor to a magnificent mirror finish.


Chris Miles can provide free, valuable advice and a competitive quote. 

There’s no need to wait; take the first step in restoring the brilliance of your marble floor tiles. 


Don’t settle for an existing floor; let your marble floors shine and astonish. BC Cleaning Services is your local company to trust in this transformative journey.

Call us today.

professional Marble Cleaning & Polishing Hinckley
Marble Cleaning & Polishing professionals Hinckley
Marble Cleaning & Polishing experts Hinckley
Marble Cleaning & Polishing Hinckley

Other Cleaning Services we offer in Hinckley

Although our Marble Cleaning and Polishing Services is one of our main services, we also offer other Cleaning Services 

Let’s take a look at what our customers in Hinckley have to say about us!

Frequently asked questions by our past customers in Hinckley.

No, removing the dirt, bacteria and then polishing the floor to a matt or high shine finish will be aesthetically pleasing and better hygiene within your home.

Yes, we not only clean the surface but also clean the grout lines using a specific and dedicated grout cleaning solution.

We can also further protect the grout by applying a high-quality sealer or impregnator.

A thorough vacuum of the area is completed first before we’mask’ up any areas that may come into contact with our cleaning solutions.  

Once this is done, a cleaning solution is applied, agitated using a mechanical machine, and rinsed using fresh water.  If needed, this process will be completed twice.

We need to visit each job so we can accurately measure the area.  

However, our minimum charge, regardless of size, starts at just £90.00.

Yes, we regularly attend training courses for all the services we offer.  If you wish to see our accreditations, please ask.

Yes, we have public liability and treatment risk insurance

We accept cash, bank transfer, debit, or credit card.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our Cleaning services and we are so confident we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Your satisfaction is our number-one priority. We know how important it is for a home to be clean, and we want you to feel confident about our process from start to finish!

98% of our customers recommend us time and time again and consistently rate us with 5-star feedback.

Call us today for free, expert-friendly advice.

Call Us for a Cost Estimate Over the Phone!

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