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Looking for Carpet Cleaning in Lutterworth? Stop looking at your dirty Carpets and call us today.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services Lutterworth will amaze you with quality results.

Imagine coming home and your Carpets are both soft and clean.  Hiring professional Carpet Cleaners is the best way to ensure that your carpets stay clean and fresh. BC Cleaning services have been providing quality services in Lutterworth for over six years!

Why is it important to hire our Carpet Cleaning Services Lutterworth?

We all love a fresh-smelling home, don’t we? And who doesn’t want their carpets to smell as good and clean too. But what if you could have both with just one call! Our Lutterworth Carpet Cleaning Service will make sure that your Carpets look new again while also restoring their original appearance.

When you need a professional and certified team to clean your carpets, turn towards the experts at BC Cleaning Services. Our Lutterworth carpet cleaning service will help revive their beauty and can also offer ongoing protection by applying a product commonly known as Scotchguard.

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Our proven Carpet Cleaning Service will leave your Carpets Cleaner and Drier than ever before.

BC Cleaning Services has been the most reliable carpet cleaner in Lutterworth for over 6 years. We offer a variety of services tailored to meet your needs, including deep cleaning, maintenance Cleaning and Low Moisture to name just a few. We are a Professional, Local company equipped with state-of-the art equipment to make the Cleaning process the best on the market.

Dry Soil

To be sure that we get all of the soil out, we will always vacuum your carpets before cleaning using a Professional grade machine. 


We use an electrical agitation machine to agitate the Cleaning Solution deep into the fibres.

Soil Suspension –

Soil suspension occurs when the soil is separated from Carpet fibres. We apply biodegradable solutions that break down and emulsify other soluble soils. 

Hot Water Extraction

The next step in our process is to extract the remaining suspended soils from your carpet. We use state of the art machinery which remains on our van.  This process provides consistent results across all types and sizes of carpets with minimal disruption.


To ensure the safety of our customers and their carpets  we always use ‘Speed Driers’ to enhance drying times. Usually we would expect times of around two – three hours or fewer drying time in most cases.  This will depend on the type of fibre and the condition of the Carpet.

Carpet Cleaning in Lutterworth

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